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Sponsorships in Senegal

The sponsorships began in 2006 in Fanaye (Department of Podor, in the North of Senegal).

Our sponsors already support 10 children from these villages. Many are still pending.

In 2010, we inaugurated sponsorships of the CP of the school of Medina Namo,  7 km from Kolda; two little girls already have their godmother. This school is still a temporary construction in branches, without toilet, running water, canteen...

In 2011, another visit to the village chief and to the school; after the handing over of the money from the sponsorships and gifts from the sponsors, the parents' council let us know that a part of  the money donated in 2010 was used to buy back part  palisades  temporary shelters used as classrooms, and the other for symbolic participation in the construction of latrines and a well, a project led by USAID (American Agency for International Development).

In 2014, continuation of child sponsorships in Fanaye (Podor) and Medina Namo (Kolda)

- €1772.54 has been paid

- 2 godchildren lost their godfather during the winter of 2013 due to financial difficulties

The children have grown up, the lack of communication with our Senegalese partners leads to a lack of connection between sponsors and godchildren.

In 2017, at the request of sponsors, we stop sponsorships in Senegal and transfer them to Burkina Faso

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