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The financial support we receive means a lot to us .  That said, if you prefer to give your time and energy, we would be delighted to benefit from your talents and skills to improve the daily lives of the people we help.

Support us !

You can benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the amount paid.
(within the limit of 20% of taxable income)
So 100 €, actually costs you only 34 €.

Your donation can take the form of a payment in cash , in kind or in skills.
Tax deduction of 60% within the limit of 0.5% of turnover for your cash or in-kind donations.

The details




Civic Service Mission

Are you looking for a mission around you? The association is recruiting  volunteers to structure and increase the activity of volunteers and employees and/or experiment with new actions or  events, in particular around the "zero waste district" project and the Zero Waste Festival in Bordeaux. 

Find the details of the mission by clicking on the button below

Come and discover the association, our members and our activities or chat



We will be able to define together the missions that you will carry out, whether it is occasional or regular assistance.  Our activities being very varied, we offer a wide range of missions (the list below is not exhaustive)

Some activities that we offer in volunteering...

Légumes organiques

Sorting and plucking arrivals


Animations in schools and sales stands


Making of jams

Les bénévoles-Garden

Support for young people

gâteau fouettant

Culinary preparations


Administration, Accounting, communication

Preparation of jams
Finding new partners

Become a Member

We are convinced to be smarter

and  more resilient together than alone

so do not hesitate to join us.

To governance

Strategic decisions


Training young people in project management


With a multi-generational team

to the choice of projects


Click on the icon above to download the membership form

Meetings are an opportunity to take stock and organize monthly activities.

Our meetings are open to everyone, even without having taken your membership, 

come meet and discuss with the members, we welcome you with pleasure.

Advantages of skills sponsorship for companies and employees

Skills sponsorship has many advantages, for all parties involved, and not just for the organization that benefits from it. Skills sponsorship entitles you to tax deductions equivalent to 60% of the skills donation (the calculation is made on the basis of the employee's gross salary, employer contributions included). All deductions are capped at 0.5% of annual turnover excluding VAT.

Image enhancement  and concrete guarantee of its societal, ecological, cultural responsibility, etc.

Development of a sense of belonging  employees 

Increase your leadership and develop your  communication 

Personal and professional growth

Develop your skills and create new ones

Amplification of professional well-being and boost of motivation

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