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Child sponsorship

To sponsor a child is to share his hopes

If just a "little push" can help any little citizen of the world to understand his environment, to shape his reasoning and his judgment...

If this little nudge is enough...

What a great project to participate in the emergence of a future citizen of tomorrow on whom rests the hope of an entire family, a village, a country!

How sponsorship works

The sponsors pay 20 € monthly to the association who serve

Tout le confort que vous désirez dans un

To the family

For the needs of the child


To the parents' association

For the school (supplies, interviews, teaching)


To the community

For projects for the benefit of all

Thus, the sponsored child, instead of being envied by others,

is valued within his family, his school, his community.

Your financial donations to our association (within the limit of 20% of taxable income) allow you to benefit from a tax deduction of 66% of the amount paid.

Thus the sum of 20 € monthly, actually costs you 6.80 €.

For companies, tax deduction of 60% within the limit of 0.5% of turnover.

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Tree sponsorship

1000 trees

The 1,000 trees project aims to reforest and preserve local natural resources in northern Burkina Faso and southern Senegal. The protection of forest areas is a keystone for the development of local populations.

Launched during the period of the 2015 ALIMENTERRE Film Festival (from October 15 to November 30), we relied on everyone's mobilization to reach our goal of 1,000 sponsored trees.

We strive to be transparent with our partners and donors. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


The sponsors pay 5 € which are used: for the purchase of the plant; maintenance of the tree for 3 years (estimated monitoring time before the tree can manage itself

 all alone) ; when buying a new plan if the first one does not survive. If you are interested, you can either go through the tree sponsorship button or send us a check with your details payable to Echange Nord Sud

On November 30, 2015, during the closing day of the ALIMENTERRE Film Festival, the association joined forces with the town hall of Blanquefort to plant three trees in the park of Fontgravey. The trees planted are cork oaks, a species adapted to climate change, thus making the link with our 1,000 trees project.


2016: 500 trees planted in Oula (Burkina Faso) 
baptized the forest of Blanquefort

2017 : 100 trees planted in Ouahigouya
These trees will enrich and enclose the market garden perimeter. Fruit trees have been favored, later the crops will come to fill the school canteen

2018: 400 trees planted in Zimtanga
These trees will enrich and enclose the market garden perimeter. )

2018: 2 trees planted at the cow farm in Blanquefort

2019: Trees planted in Kolda (Senegal)
Lemon, mandarin, orange, moringa and cordilla trees and 2 cocoa trees to enclose the market garden perimeter of Maaf

2019: 3 trees planted at the Vacherie de Blanquefort

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