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Enfants dans le jardin


After having invested a great deal in raising awareness in Gironde around sustainable development and international solidarity, Echange Nord Sud now favors the realization of concrete projects, showcases of its actions in the countries of the South but also models for the actions to be carried out in France.

This is how she has been leading the "Solidarity Jams" project since 2015, which has been qualified as "source of inspiration" since 2017, among the 50 remarkable initiatives selected by the Resolis Foundation (Research and Evaluation of Innovative and Social SOLutions)

We try to work in partnership or in a network, a working method that we have been able to experience in Senegal and Burkina Faso, while in France, the habits are rather competition, the pre-square and the reserved chapels...




Our current projects...


Solidarity Jams

Launched in 2015, the solidarity jams project aims to reduce food waste by recycling unsold organic products.

Urban Garden

1000 trees

The 1000 trees project aims to reforest northern Burkina Faso. Thanks to the sponsorship of plants.  



We integrate  the Ikos collective  as a player in sustainable food and together support the project of the first recycling village in France 

Our activities and our audiences...

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"Move your health at the Bastide" is a project aimed at raising awareness of healthy, sustainable food and sport. Carried by the  the City of Bordeaux, it unites more than thirty partners and also residents around common objectives. About twenty actions are registered within the projects and is led by  professionals from different sectors (health, social, sports, animation, school...)


In partnership with the ABC of Blanquefort, solidarity leisure is aimed at a young audience. Creative and educational workshops on food  sustainable and responsible  are times full of discovery and brimming with new ideas.  Do not hesitate to contact us for any question, comment or special request.


In partnership with the eco-citizen house, we put our know-how and our experience in a participative and educational framework, addressing several subjects for different levels.  Do not hesitate to find out about the next dates of our workshops by contacting us directly or by visiting the website of the eco-citizen house



During events we come to meet the public

On an internship, in civic service or by accompanying them for their student projects


Entertainment for all ages from primary school to university or the Grandes Ecoles.

Highlights of our year  ...

world days

Of peace, of woman,  children's rights, human rights, the environment...

The months  

food, Social and Solidarity Economy....

The weeks  

sustainable development, international solidarity, waste...


Beautiful escape, Alimenterre,  Solidarities....

Focus on our projects and actions


Ikos..., Objects and tomorrows

The ikos village will be...


A place of life


friendly welcoming meetings, events, creative workshops, awareness-raising actions...


A place of reuse


where everyone can deposit, repair, recover or buy everyday objects.


200 jobs


over 17,000 m2 to process 11,000 tonnes of goods per year.

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