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Our Roots

At the request of Senegalese nationals living in Gironde, Doctor Pierre Thocaven created in July 1997 the association Echange Nord-Sud  (ENS)  with the aim of supporting local development projects considered "priority", concerning health, education and youth.

This was the case mainly in Senegal, in Upper Casamance, in the regions of Kolda, Sédhiou and Vélingara.  Since 2012, Burkina Faso has been a new beneficiary of the association's local development projects.

ENS in 2020 it was


23 years
of existence


80 members including 11 child sponsors


5 volunteers in Civic Service


+ than 80 Partnerships


8  young people supported in their projects


more than 300 customers


7 trainees

Our team


Marie France Goslin
General secretary

Nathalie Pareja
Assistant Secretary

Catherine Merlet

Danielle Sanz
Assistant Treasurer

Pierre Thocaven
Honorary president

Cathy Thocaven

Amandine Duchossoir
Vice - President

The Board of Directors / Bureau elected on March 27, 2021

Our partners

Confitures Solidaires Version Raccourci.
They were volunteers with us!

Louise Bourgeade,  Mafoudji Mina Badji,  Alice Lockhart,  Melissa Djemmal, Manon Bruining,  Raphael Degan,  Laetitia Manolas,  Solene Sancenot,  Sarah Nart, Thomas Bernard,  Audrey Lanseau,  Andrea Sanchez, Liana Razanamparany, Marie Meloni, Como Santarelli, Lou  Fortin, Pierre Gosset, Anaïs Lefebvre, Alioka Bardoux, Fatoumata Touré, Anaelle Duchateau, Tessa Roulière-Laumonier, Alexandra Judkowski, Sofiane Benziden, Enzo Goynaud, Servane Tolila

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