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The FOOD EARTH Festival

The ALIMEN TERRE campaign contributes to promoting the right to food and food sovereignty. Faced with these globalized challenges, bringing agricultural and food issues into debate within our society is essential, also giving a voice to the populations of the South. It is coordinated by the CFSI (French Committee for International Solidarity), and supported by the French Development Agency as well as by the Léa Nature Foundation, is implemented in France, Europe, America and Africa.


Organized each year from October 15 to November 30, the ALIMEN TERRE Film Festival is the national event of the campaign. Every year, five to seven films common to all are selected. They deal with agricultural and global issues. For each organizer, the Festival consists of the creation of regional or local programming. Each screening is followed by an open, even contradictory debate, involving the mobilization of at least two speakers and strong public participation.  


The event is aimed at all audiences asking questions about agricultural and food issues. The sessions are organized in cinemas or municipal halls, well located and well identified by the public. High school students in general or agricultural education and students constitute the second privileged public. The Festival then invites itself into classrooms or provides the opportunity for dedicated film screenings. This is an opportunity to develop a more complete educational animation.

Echange Nord Sud has been involved in the Alimenterre campaign in France since 2011. It has also become the bearer of the Collectif Alimenterre 33 project since March 2012 and a regional referent on the Radsi Board of Directors.  since March 2013.

We want the ALIMEN TERRE Film Festival to be a high point of communication with our two partners in the South, Senegal and Burkina Faso, but also between them, so that everyone can learn from the other. We thus propose to synchronize screenings-debates in these three regions by skype between public from the south and the north but also south-south.

These times will also be an opportunity to make the public in the north understand our involvement alongside these two southern regions but also to the public in the south our approach and our difficulties in mobilizing. Show the French public that their consumer decisions can have a direct impact in the south; show the African public the excesses of our system that they envy and try to copy. Create links between different audiences. Educate the youngest in taste but also to consume differently, to consume as citizens.

In 2013, the Eclaireurs de Kolda, our partners in Senegal, asked us to prioritize the creation of school vegetable gardens and advocacy for respect for the environment and the consumption of fruit and vegetables among schoolchildren.

The festival and the ALIMEN TERRE campaign seemed to us to be appropriate tools to support them in these projects.

In 2013, we carried out 13 screenings in Senegal for a total of 7,160 participants.

In 2014, 53 screenings were carried out in Senegal.

ENS has also extended its area of action to Burkina Faso with 18 screenings.

Organizing screenings with our partners in the south requires major logistical resources... from 2015, due to a lack of financial support, in particular from the CFSI, we have stopped our screenings in Senegal and Burkina Faso.

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