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International solidarity  and sustainable development

Echange Nord Sud supports development for men and by men, concerned with natural resources and the environment by placing people at the centre.

Our purpose and vocation is to initiate and support sustainable development aid for vulnerable populations in the North and South with four main priorities: education, health, youth and economy.


Our missions



Support sustainable food and agriculture

Environmental Education and Awareness

Reception and follow-up of young people

With the support of our partners (AMAP, Solidarity Groceries), we work to make responsible and organic products accessible to all.  At the same time, we support sustainable agriculture with the populations of the south and we encourage the development of resources.

We invite you to   join one of the many workshops that we run on different themes and which are open to different audiences. To find out more about what we can achieve together, do not hesitate to send us an email.

Looking for an internship, civic service, volunteering or simply curiosity, discover our mission proposals by visiting the join us page, leave us a message  Where  better yet come meet us and chat over a coffee.

Our Priorities



Our sponsorship program offers the possibility to many children of Burkina to have a continuous and sustained education. We are also committed to developing awareness and training programs on biodiversity and the environment.


As part of our support for sustainable and organic food we advocate in the north and in the south. We ensure that the rural populations of the areas where we operate have access  necessary health care and balanced nutrition.


Through our civic service and internship offers, Echange Nord Sud is committed to young people by offering them support in carrying out their projects and by  ensuring their training in citizenship and the environment.


Initiating financial autonomy for rural populations, particularly women in rural areas in the countries where we operate, is particularly close to our hearts. We are committed to developing and supporting their economic activities.

Think Globally, Act Locally

This is our motto, at Echange Nord Sud we have understood for a very long time that our actions, our mode of consumption have considerable repercussions on the  south but also on the sustainable development of the north.
It is on the basis of these observations that we have committed ourselves to conducting awareness campaigns, developing and supporting actions carried out in the north that will have an impact on sustainable development in both hemispheres.
This is how all our actions fit perfectly into the 17 United Nations Development Goals
objectifs de développement durable

The Sustainable Development Goals give us the roadmap to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They respond to the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. The goals are interconnected and, in order to leave no one behind, it is important to achieve each of them, and each of their targets, by 2030

Our Places and Areas of Action



We mainly act in Gironde



We operate mainly in Casamance and Fanaye



We act in Ouahigouya and Tiébélé

Agriculture and agro-forestry

Environmental protection and awareness

Access to water and the fight against food waste

Access to health care

The development of economic activity

Citizenship training

Our Current Projects...


Solidarity Jams

Launched in 2015, the solidarity jams project aims to reduce food waste by recycling unsold organic produce.

Urban Garden

1000 trees

The 1000 trees project distinguished itself through the sponsorship of plants. This project has  for the reforestation of northern Burkina Faso.



We integrate  the Ikos collective  as a player in sustainable food and together support the project of the first recycling village in France 

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We count on the support of people like you to make a lasting difference locally for a global impact.

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