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Since its creation, Echange Nord-Sud has organized the collection and shipment of targeted donations such as:

  • small medical and childcare equipment

  • heavy medical equipment (operating theatre, radiology equipment, medical beds, etc.)

  • wheelchairs, bicycles

  • teaching materials, books and school supplies

  • computers, printers and scanners

  • various agricultural and handicraft development aid equipment

  • clothes, glasses

  • various supplies according to the specific needs of the localities

Collection / Sorting / Packaging

After grouping the donations, the association assures


the conditioning

container preparation (bill of lading, loading)

All this work is carried out by a group of volunteer members who give their time and energy to disadvantaged populations.


In order to ensure that the donations sent by container have indeed reached the designated recipients, periodic audits complete the rigorous traceability work put in place from the start of the equipment.

A container, seen from the other side

For the  first time in  November 2012, a 40 m3 container arrived in Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso. He  was welcomed by the local authorities in the presence of the Minister of Health, Mr Adama Traoré; the former Minister in charge of relations with parliament, President of Ammie, the most important women's association, Ms. Cécile Beloum; of the President of the Regional Council of the North, Mr Aboubacar Savadogo but also of the Regional Director of Health, the regional pharmacist and the Director of Development Projects of the Regional Council of the North, without forgetting the delegation of Echange Nord Sud (who came to ensure the arrival of the equipment) and its local partner IFAP


In his speech, after the usual thanks, the Minister underlined the intelligence of this partnership with the Northern Regional Council which  is the most suitable structure for a fair and relevant distribution on the territory of the North, of the materials collected.

Mr Savadogo, President of the North and Vice-President of the Association of French-Speaking Regional Councils, underlined the richness of a partnership with the IFAP, made up of young adults living in the capital but from families in the North.

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