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The children and teenagers of the July 2010 and July 2011 delegations  took part in a cultural and sporting exchange  organized by the  Kolda scouts (young people aged 10 to 25), between Kolda and Seydiou.

Holiday camps in Kolda

Learning from others and from elsewhere

Learn to live differently, by rubbing shoulders with and appreciating the "different": a real mutual enrichment by:

  • camp activities (solidarity, mutual aid, sharing, etc.)

  • awareness of sustainable development (reforestation operations during their travels)

  • STD awareness

  • the search for energy saving (by popularizing the use of new cooking techniques, among young people and villagers, thanks to the solar oven and the economical stove offered to them by ENS)

  • evenings with music,  dances, songs in a real cultural exchange

  • the acquisition of a certain autonomy in an environment very different from their own.

Other impacts of solidarity travel

Solidarity has also been expressed for many years through consultations  ophthalmologist, childbirth, counseling  nutrition or care  by the doctors and nurses that the association has brought  of France.


The cleaning of the Kolda hospital, the manufacture of compost are also voluntary contributions to the well-being of the populations visited.

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