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In Senegal ENS has concentrated its actions in the region of Kolda in Upper Casamance through development aid, support for local projects, in the region of Kolda, a region in the far south of Senegal, partially isolated from the rest of the country and landlocked between Gambia and the two Guineas. Despite a rich potential (forests, rivers, livestock, beekeeping, fish farming, fruit trees – especially mango trees –) this region is really deprived and does not succeed in flourishing. The very poor road infrastructure (no road between the various rural communities often several tens of kilometers from the city of Kolda) and the absence of air links with the rest of the country constitute a major handicap for the economic development of this region. . Added to this is the lack of seeds adapted to agro-ecological conditions, the lack of fertilizers, agricultural under-equipment, lack of water control, weak technical and organizational capacities.


Moreover, the social and health indicators of the Kolda region are the lowest in the country, in particular because of microbial and parasitic diseases, but also the lack of health structures and personnel. For example, the districts of Dabo, Mampatim and Bonconto represent approximately 70,000 inhabitants and have only three nurses... This explains the high mortality of women in childbirth and young children due to malnutrition and untreated illnesses. The region had erected a brand new hospital which was just waiting to be equipped. Beds recovered from the Libourne hospital made it possible to open the pediatric ward. six doctors  have been recruited  for 130 beds.

In recent years, Echange Nord Sud has organized collections and shipments of donations of various materials
Small childcare and medical equipment
Heavy medical equipment (radioscopy, operating theater etc.)
Teaching materials and school books



Several experience exchange missions in Senegal and France (vocational training, consultation stays  volunteers from an opthalmologist, encouraging the industrialization of mango cultivation, the installation of wind turbines, etc.).


Periodic audits to ensure that donations sent in containers have reached the designated recipients; these audits complete the rigorous traceability work implemented from the start of the equipment.

Various agricultural equipment
Clothing and other supplies


Sponsorship of primary school students giving them the opportunity to follow their education as far as their abilities can go; the 20 € monthly are used:

  • Child's needs

  • A share for the parents' association

  • Community projects

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Par de petites actions locales, on peut rapidement améliorer le quotidien de nombreuses populations. C'est avec cette croyance qu'Echange Nord Sud mène ses actions sur le terrain.

Depuis 2010, une collaboration s'est progressivement formée avec les Eclaireurs de Kolda. Ils sont aujourd'hui nos partenaires principaux dans la région.

Des enfants et adolescents ont participé en juillet 2010 et juillet 2011 à un échange culturel et sportif organisé par les éclaireurs de Kolda (jeunes de 10 à 25 ans), entre Kolda et Seydiou.

Les potagers scolaires sont la solution que nous avons mis en place avec notre partenaire pour résoudre le problème des repas du midi pour les enfants.

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