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Intervention in

educational institutions

from primary to university

For eleven years now, we have been trying to innovate and offer, with the complicity of different school structures, activities aimed at young audiences (primary school) as well as a more experienced audience such as colleges, general and technical high schools, CFA.

With the bill for the development of school rhythms, we embarked on the adventure of peri-education for more than a year.

Throughout our journey, we have known "  revise our records  » so that the proposed activities are the most playful and the most suitable for children without betraying the message we wanted to convey.

We stopped these activities at the start of the 2017-2018 school year: time-consuming, poorly paid and too little interest from parents and teachers for what we were offering.

Below are the different themes we offer:

  • Interculturality

  • Fair Trade

  • Global Citizenship

  • Nutrition

  • Rights and duties

  • Critical mind

  • Gardening

  • One planet for all

The Echange Nord Sud association is also involved in more specific actions such as in April 2014, at the Tabarlt school in Taillan Médoc. The aim was to raise children's awareness of food waste in the canteen to encourage them to adopt new, more responsible behaviours.

A slide show on everyone's behavior at the self-service counter, the local and global consequences and concrete solutions was also shown during meals. During this time, our volunteers came to talk with the students to make them aware of their behavior and try to find solutions with them.

At the same time, we set up the bread gachimeter over a week. The principle is to display the uneaten bread each day in transparent plastic bags.

Solidarity snacks are another of the activities that the association has set up. It is a three-step animation:

  • Projection debate around a film to be defined with the teacher

  • Solidarity snack during which we present to the children our project " the vegetable gardens of the Sahel "

  • Solidarity challenge where students collect money by selling tickets. The money thus raised is used to build a new school vegetable garden


During the 2014-2015 school year, the students of the Jean Jaurès school thus enabled the construction of a new school vegetable garden in the Némouratou school in Senegal.

We also regularly intervene in various colleges and high schools in the Metropolis, in particular at the Lycée Agricole de Blanquefort, but also  :

BTS ICFA of Bordeaux

Kedge Business School,

IUT Bordeaux Montaigne in Urban Management,

Licence "  Geography and development”,

professional license "  Promotion, animation, mediation of rural territories  »,

License “Planning, urban planning and sustainable territorial development”,

professional license "  Support and coordination of international solidarity and sustainable development projects  »,
Professional degree “Coordination of social and cultural development projects”

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