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Buffets and aperitifs

The principle is simple  : the cinema Les Colonnes de Blanquefort broadcasts a film followed by a buffet that the association makes with vegetables not transformed into jam for the savory and pancakes with homemade jams for the sweet buffet.

This allows the association to have a fixed point of sale for the jams.

A friendly and family Sunday outing but also a time to meet, discuss, share experience and knowledge.

A time for intergenerational encounters.

North South Exchange commitments

Cook a brunch from appetizer to dessert using unsold products that she collects (fruit juices, soups, hors d'oeuvres, savory and sweet pies, pancakes, pastries, fruit salads, jams, etc.)

Offer this brunch at free price so that everyone can participate

Ensure the presence of volunteer members of the association to serve

Present all the actions of the association to the public

Organization of "  Cine-brunch  »

The Carré Les Colonnes regularly offers, ten times a year, cinema screenings called "  cinema-brunch  on Sunday morning featuring a film followed by a sweet and savory buffet.

Buffets, aperitifs and co...

The original concept and the quality of the dishes offered led to  proposals from other partners. This is how Echange Nord Sud regularly cooks buffets and/or aperitifs for the Cinéma les Colonnes de Blanquefort during Cinédébat sessions, but also for the activities of the Assia Djebar Media Library or that of Taillan-Médoc, for the musical aperitif of the Bouscat Garden Festival...

Since January 2018, Echange Nord Sud has been providing all the pastries for the catering of companies visiting Le Carré in Saint Médard en Jalles or Les Colonnes in Blanquefort.

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